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It may seem obvious but the first decision is which part of the house should a conservatory extend from.

Appearance, view and available space are factors, of course, but you might also want to consider how much direct sunlight it will receive and in what part of the day.

There may also be planning and safety implications but Dave Oxley, as a GGF Conservatory Association Member, will advise on these matters.




The choice of designs is infinite but nearly all are based on a few fundamental styles.




Are you a morning or an evening person? Apart from the obvious practicalities of space and access, where you position your conservatory can have a dramatic effect on its character and uses.

East facing will catch the morning light and warm up quickly in the early sun but will not overheat in the middle of the day or evening.

West facing is definitely for dinner and sunset lovers, picking up the sun from late afternoon onwards. Plants love it too.

North facing catches only angled sun at the beginning and end of the day – and none in winter months – so it will keep cool in summer but may need plenty of heating the rest of the time.

South facing will suit the most dedicated sun worshippers but be careful! With direct sun through the hottest part of the day, ventilation is a must and blinds are worth considering too.

You will also need ventilation on sunny but chilly days when condensation can be a problem, especially if you have a solid floor such as tiles on concrete.

In extreme cases, it can also cause warping of wood floors and mildew on wall coverings.

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